A pollution-eating facade module

3D Architectural Tiles

prosolve370e is a decorative architectural module that can effectively reduce air pollution in cities when installed near traffic ways or on building facades.

The modules are coated with a superfine titanium dioxide (TiO2), a pollution-fighting technology that is activated by ambient daylight. Employing a unique configuration of this technology, the tiles neutralize air pollutants when sited near traffic or densely polluted conditions.

The modules are a functional, yet highly decorative modular ornament that achieve a synergy between design form and molecular technology. Inspired by fractals in nature, the undulating shapes maximize the surface area of active coating to diffuse light, air turbulence and pollution.

As a modification to existing architectural surfaces, prosolve370e essentially “tunes buildings” to respond better to their immediate environments.

Key points:

  • effectively reduces air pollution (NOx,VOCs, SO2)
  • a modular system of few tooled parts
  • forms decorative, non-repetitive patterns for facades
  • made from lightweight thermoformed plastic panels
  • a standardized system for exterior and interior applications
  • semi-customizable to project conditions
  • an innovative, eco product


  • building facades
  • car parks
  • traffic tunnels/ transport entrances
  • along motorways or urban circulars

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